Who we are

Pan Yiannakou

2019 - date CEO, Swarm Technology
2020 - 20 Artificial Intelligence course, Univeersity of Oxford
2008 - 18 Principal, CEO, IP company (non-financial)
2007 - 08 Principal, CEO, managed futures fund ($10m), GPAM
2003 - 07 Principal, CEO, IP company (non-financial)
1997 - 03 Principal, CEO, managed systematic futures fund (2.5BN), Man-Vector Ltd.
1994 - 97 Principal CEO, Kinesis Trading Systems Ltd
1991 - 94 Senior Systematic Trader, Banco Santander
1987 - 91 Technical Trader, NatWest, GZV, Hokuriku Bank
1983 - 87 BSc Physics with Laser Technology

Pan Yiannakou


Charles Drew

2019 - date COO, Swarm Technology
2018 - 21 Insect Technology Group - analytics, automation and AI platform
2015 - 18 BA Geography with Environmental Economics, Accounting (1st), Durham University
2017 - 17 BlackRock Internship
2014 - date Awarded PPL, Started Commercial Pilots License
2014 - date Launched Travel Company for HNW individuals and corporates.

Charles Drew


Ian Russell

2019 - date CFO, Swarm Technology
2018 - date Founder & CEO Disrupting Consultancy
2018 - date Author, The Other End of the Telescope
2017 - 18 CEO, BCX
2014 - 16 CAO, Telkom Group
2010 - 13 CPO, SABMiller
2005 - 10 CAO Absa Group
2004 - 05 Global CIO, Barclays Group PLC
2000 - 04 COO roles, Barclays Group PLC

Ian Russell


A new world needs a new way of thinking about
markets and trading.

Old economy ways do not cut it in a world dominated by a level
of volatility and uncertainty never experienced before.

Several years ago, three friends realised they were thinking in the same way about global economics. With this in mind, they set out on a journey to create a new way of managing the latest realities of the global markets.

And so the Swarm Matrix™ was created by Pan Yiannakou, Charlie Drew and Ian Russell.
The three founders have created a software development company called Swarm Technology (Swarm Intelligence Trading) Ltd, within which has been developed the unique Swarm Matrix™ trading program.

Pan brings a wealth of fund management, trading and systems development experience trader from over 30 years in the game, Charlie is a 1st class graduate specialising in insect technology, platform development and analytics and Ian is an experienced global CEO and technology expert.

Trading systems work, generate positive bias, and have many
advantages over human decision-makers.

Swarm Intelligence is a phenomenon observed in the natural world where the collective behavior of a colony of simple ‘agents’ generates far more advanced actions than the cumulative performance of the individuals. This effect can be created artificially and is utilized in many areas; robotics, IT process optimization, scheduling and telecoms.

Swarm Technology has found a way to harness the natural power of Swarm Intelligence to extract information more efficiently than traditional systematic methods. This is embedded in the Swarm Matrix™ trading program.

Swarm Technology was set up in 2019 in Cyprus (EU). The company initially licensed its software and trading signals to a small family office and has a live track record from July 2019.

About Us

Swarm Technology has developed a way to harness the natural power of Swarm Intelligence to extract information more efficiently than traditional systematic methods. This is embedded in the Swarm Matrix™  trading program


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